Hero City Adventure Park

Mon--Thur  :    3:00PM--8:00PM

Friday              :    3:00PM--9:00PM

Saturday      :  11:00AM--9:00PM

Sunday           :  12:00PM--7:00PM

Airsoft now open!

Please call for details.

Happy Kids

About Us

Hero City Adventure Park is a indoor family entertainment center. For ages ranging from 10 months - 65 years old. 

We are dedicated to provide a safe and fun environment for kids and adults in our facility, which is over 22,000 square feet. Our facility includes Laser Tag, Jungle Playground, UFO Bumper Cars, Airsoft, Arcade, Virtual Reality Games, and 3 Large Party Rooms, all accompanied by food and drinks to purchase. With all of this, kids and adults can easily have lots of fun here! So gather your family and friends, come and let us help you create fun and excellent memories together! 

Hero City Adventure Park here for you !!


Jungle Playground

What You Need to Know

Our Jungle PlayGround is 3 stories tall with many different obstacles and is 3000 square feet. The PlayGround is also equipped with multiple size slides for all ages, a projector that displays games you can throw balls at, and a spider tower with multiple levels! So are your kids up for our obstacle course? Come give it a try, we look forward to seeing you here!  

Be sure to come ready to the party!!

(Clean socks are required by Children and Adults!)

(HCAP does sell socks in store for all sizes)

(Any Children under 4 must be accompanied by an Adult!)


Hero Laser Tag

Challenge your kids in Laser Tag!

There’s always a good reason to celebrate but in this case it’s a great reason! Our Laser Tag arena is professionally designed, 6000 square feet, one floor, and many different buildings and obstacles. Our Laser tag gives a first person shooter experience like many different popular games for example Call Of Duty, BattleField, Rainbow Six Siege, and many more! We challenge you and your teammates to try our different game modes including Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, Free For All, and many more! Our equipment is up to date and makes the gameplay feel real. So will you put your leadership, communication, and tactical knowledge to the ultimate test?

Laser Tag is for people ages 5 and up.

(For Tournaments make sure to RSVP so we know if you’re able to attend. We can’t wait to see you guys here!)

** HeadGear (hat or headband for sanitation purposes) required to play laser tag **

** HCAP does sell headbands in store for $2 each **



Come try our action packed and thrilling ride! You’ll be able to crash or spin into friends and family in this car without the worry of getting in trouble. The rules of the road don’t apply in bumper cars!


VR & Arcade Games

We have many different arcade games including space invaders, basketball shootout, claw machines, air hockey, wheel of fortune, and much more! We also have our VR machines which are Starship VR and Infinite Battle VR. The Starship VR gives a realistic feel with the VR headsets and moveable machine, try out many different games ranging from Rollercoasters, Sports, Horror, or even games for your children! Our Infinite Battle has 4 different games you can choose from, Beat Saber, Pixelated Zombies, and 2 realistic Zombie games! The Headset puts you inside the game as you shoot or slice your way to victory. The joysticks fit nice and comfortable inside your hand as you're playing and they also have straps so they won’t fall when you're playing, so come try and experience the ultimate VR! We also have our Crazy Racing machine which is a Racing Motion Simulator that also comes with a steering wheel, 3 pedals (gas, brake, clutch), and a shifter. There’s 4 different racing games you can choose from which are Dirt 4, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, and Project Cars 2. This racing simulator gives you a real life driving experience, whenever you turn the steering wheel the machine moves with you. The steering wheel is also equipped with force feedback so whenever you hit a curb or drive in the grass you’ll feel it in through the steering wheel and machine. So come test your driving skills with the ultimate racing machine

** All Arcade Machines are 10-25 points and 10 points = $1 **

** Any amount can be put on a game card with bonus for special amounts!**

** $20  =  200+ 50 point bonus **

** $50  =  500+150 point bonus **

** $100 =1000+ 250 point bonus **



1190 N Kinzie Ave 

Bradley, IL 60915

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