Choose Your Pass

** Socks and headgear are not include in the packages**

Hero Pass


$28.00 per person 3 hrs unlimited Play

One Free VR Starship ride

Unlimited Laser Tag

UFO Bumper Car 

Jungle Land

Hero VIP Pass


$38.00 per person 3 Hours Unlimited Play

$15.00 game card (150 points)

120 round Airsoft range challenge

Laser Tag

UFO Bumper Cars

Jungle Land  

Gallery Archery

Hero Avenger Day Pass


$ 48.00 per person Day Pass <Best Value>

10% Off Food & Drink Purchase

$20.00 Game Card (200 points)

120 Round Airsoft Range Challenge

Laser Tag

UFO Bumper Car

Gallery Archery

Jungle Land


Single Ticket

Jungle Land

Jungle Land - $12.00/per child 

Under 3yrs old pass will include one adult pass to accompany your child 

(SOCKS are required to into Jungle Land)


Laser Tag 

Laser Tag

$13.00 / player

(Two 15 minute games, $7 per game)

(Hat or Headband and Closed Toed Shoes Required!)


UFO Bumper Car

UFO Bumper Cars 

$10.00 (Unlimited Rides)

Children 42 inches or up can ride by themselves.

Children under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult.

** Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Pregnancy, or any other conditions are NOT ALLOWED. **


Gallery Archery Hunter

$6.00 for 10 arrows

$10.00 for 20 arrows

Parents vs Kids in the area only on Thursday by reservation.

Who can win in the ultimate archery challenge?



  • $15.00 /per player 2 hrs.

  • $10/ per player 1hr

  •  with your gear Weapon most below 350fps. BBs most purchase in our shop).

  • (Mask goggle Closed Toed Shoes Required!)

          Rent to play

  • $35 / per player 2 hrs.

  • $25/ per player 1hr

  • (rental M4 rifle, Mask Goggle, 4MAGs BBs, Vest).

1: 123 Suqid game.                             7: Bomb   

                 2: Airsoft Tag                                       8: Capture the Flag

                              3: Hostage/President                        9: Trouble in Terrorist Town

                            4: Domination                                    10: "John Wicks" Pistol Only

      5:Juggernaut/Dead hard               11: Zombies Tag

                 6: Search and Destroy                    12: Team Deathmatch